Bear Trundle Mattress

Size: Twin
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Experience the epitome of comfort with the Bear Trundle Mattress. Crafted with precision and innovation, it offers unparalleled support and a restful sleep experience. Say goodbye to tossing and turning as you sink into blissful relaxation every night.


    Attributes Details
    Product Name Bear Trundle Mattress
    Size Standard Twin XL (38" x 75" x 6")
    Feel Medium-firm (5 on a 10-point scale)
    Material High-density memory foam
    Dimensions Available in twin, twin XL, and full sizes
    Firmness Medium-firm
    Compatibility Fits most trundle beds
    Warranty 10-year warranty


    1. Coolest Comfort: The top layer is made with Cooling Gel Memory Foam to draw away heat and provide a comfy hug.
    2. Strong Base Layer:High-Density Support Foam for long-lasting durability and supports growing children.
    3. Soft, Breathable Cover:Hypoallergenic knit fabric promotes sweat-free sleep.
    4. Space-Saving Design:Perfect for guest beds, bunk beds, or sleepovers.
    5. Multiple Sizes:Available in Twin, Twin XL, and Full to fit various trundle bed frames.

    Transform your nightly routine with the Bear Trundle Mattress. Elevate your sleep experience and wake up refreshed and rejuvenated every morning.

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