DreamCool™ Mattress Protector

Size: Twin
Sale price$99.99


DreamFit's Best Selling Mattress Protector. 🥰

The Eucalyptus fibers in our DreamCool™ Mattress Protector are silky soft, comfortable and quiet. The Eucalyptus creates a dual climate sleep zone for partners with different sleeping climate preferences.

Worried about moisture and bacteria creeping up on you at night? Our DreamCool™ Mattress Protector uses our patented moisture-wicking and cooling fiber technology that is also 100% waterproof.

  • StaDry™ technology in the cover captures, moves and releases moisture for healthy sleep.
  • Breathable for enhanced airflow and comfort.
  • Bacteria and allergen resistant.
  • Luxury sizing to fit today's thicker mattresses.

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