880-64 King Linen Footboard

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The King Linen Footboard 880-64 is an exquisite and luxurious addition to any bedroom, combining timeless design with functional elegance. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this footboard features a sophisticated linen upholstery that exudes opulence and complements a variety of decor styles. The commanding presence of the footboard adds a regal touch to your bedroom, creating a focal point that enhances the overall aesthetic.


Sku 880-64 Name King Linen Footboard
Price $197.34 Cubes 3.65
Collection 880 Category Closeout
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  1. Premium Linen Upholstery: The footboard boasts a high-quality linen upholstery that not only provides a lavish look but also ensures durability and easy maintenance.

  2. Sturdy Construction: Built to last, the footboard is constructed with a robust frame, offering stability and support for your bed while maintaining its graceful appearance.

  3. Button-Tufted Detailing: The meticulously crafted button-tufted design enhances the visual appeal, creating a sense of sophistication and refinement.

  4. Versatile Compatibility: Designed to seamlessly blend with various bedroom styles, the footboard complements both traditional and contemporary settings, making it a versatile choice for any interior.

  5. Generous Dimensions: The King Linen Footboard 880-64 is generously sized to make a bold statement in your bedroom, providing a grand and luxurious atmosphere.

The King Linen Footboard 880-64 is a harmonious blend of elegance and functionality, featuring premium linen upholstery, sturdy construction, button-tufted detailing, versatile compatibility, and generous dimensions. Elevate your bedroom's aesthetic with this regal piece that embodies both timeless design and modern allure.

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