Nolah Throw Blanket

Size: Standard
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Experience unparalleled comfort and coziness with Nolah Throw Blanket. Crafted from a plush, fleece-like fabric, this lightweight throw provides the perfect snuggle on the couch. It also effectively draws away moisture and regulates temperature for all-season comfort. Say goodbye to shedding fur and scratchy knits, as the Nolah Throw Blanket offers the ultimate solution.


Attributres Details 
Dimensions 50 inches (W) x 60 inches 
Recommended Care Dry cleaning highly recommended
Maintenance Shake and air out regularly
Material Typically made from plush fleece or cotton
Ideal Use Perfect for cuddling on the couch or adding warmth to a bed
Brand Nolah


  1. Super-soft and Smooth: Experience a luxurious fleece-like feel that's gentle on the skin.
  2. Moisture-wicking: Keeps you dry and comfortable by wicking away moisture.
  3. Temperature-regulating: Ensures all-season comfort by regulating temperature.
  4. Highly Durable: Designed to withstand regular use for long-lasting comfort.
  5. Certified Quality: Oeko-Tex 100 and Forest Stewardship Council certified for peace of mind.
Wrap yourself in comfort with the Nolah Throw Blanket and enjoy cozy evenings on the couch like never before. With its soft, soothing texture and moisture wicking properties, it's the ultimate companion for relaxation and comfort.

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