Richie Gray Drawer Storage

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The Richie Gray Drawer Storage Kit is a versatile storage solution designed to enhance the functionality and organization of your living space. This kit, likely compatible with the Richie Gray furniture collection, offers a cohesive and stylish approach to keeping your belongings in order.


Item Code Description Price Weight Dimensions (inches)
550-STR Richie Gray Drawer Storage $389.99 2.37 41 x 37.75 x 11


  1. Drawer Expansion: The kit expands the storage capacity of Richie Gray furniture, transforming available spaces into convenient drawers for efficient organization.
  2. Seamless Integration: Designed to seamlessly integrate with Richie Gray furniture, ensuring a cohesive and unified look throughout your living space.
  3. Easy Installation: User-friendly installation allows for quick setup, providing an instant upgrade to your existing furniture without hassle.
  4. Durable Construction: Crafted from durable materials, the drawers are built to withstand daily use, maintaining their quality and functionality over time.
  5. Enhanced Accessibility: The addition of drawers enhances accessibility, allowing you to neatly store and easily access various items, from clothing to accessories.

The Richie Gray Drawer Storage Kit is a convenient and stylish solution to optimize your storage space. With its seamless integration, easy installation, and durable construction, this kit offers an enhanced organizational experience, elevating the overall functionality of your Richie Gray furniture collection.

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