Pillow Puff Euro Top

Size: Twin
Sale price$510.00 Regular price$1,020.00


Experience the ultimate in comfort with our Pillow Puff Euro Top mattress. This luxurious mattress is designed for a restful night's sleep, featuring a plush euro top that provides an extra layer of softness and support. The Pillow Puff Euro Top combines innovative materials to create a cozy and inviting sleep surface.


  • Name: Pillow Puff Euro Top
  • Fabric:Naturally Cool Bamboo Knit Cover
  • Quilt Top:
    • Plush Foam Quilt Layer
    • Breathable Fiber Layer
  • Comfort Materials:
    • Plush Foam Quilt Layer
    • 460 | 6” Bonnell Coil System
    • Medium Foam Transition Layer
    • 6-Sided Foam Encasement
  • Support:
    • 460 | 6” Bonnell Coil System
    • 6-Sided Foam Encasement
  • Warranty:
    • 10 Years Non-Prorated
  • Feel (1=Firm, 10=Plush):
    • Medium-Firm: 5
    • Plush: 7
  • Size and Prices:
    Twin: $510.00 ,Twin XL: $585.00  ,Full: $585.00 ,Queen: $675.00, King:$969.99.


  1. Plush Euro Top: Indulge in a cloud-like sleep experience with the extra layer of softness provided by the plush euro top.

  2. Advanced Comfort Materials: Crafted with high-quality materials, including plush foam layers and supportive components, ensuring a comfortable and restorative night's sleep.

  3. Optimal Support System: The mattress incorporates a reliable support system, including nano coils and pocketed coils, for excellent spinal alignment and overall support.

  4. Durable Construction: Built to last, the Pillow Puff Euro Top mattress comes with a robust warranty, offering peace of mind for years of quality sleep.

  5. Temperature Regulation: Experience a cool and refreshing sleep environment, thanks to the naturally cool features embedded in the mattress.

The Pillow Puff Euro Top mattress redefines sleep luxury with its plush euro top, advanced comfort materials, and optimal support system. Indulge in the durability and cool comfort this mattress offers for a rejuvenating night's sleep. Upgrade your sleep experience with Pillow Puff Euro Top  where luxury meets restful bliss.

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