34-700 Harper's Branch Turquoise

Sale price$349.99 Regular price$524.99


The Harper's Branch Turquoise 34-700 is a stylish and functional addition to your home, offering a vibrant touch with its turquoise color. This piece combines modern design with practical features, making it an eye-catching and versatile choice for various settings.


Sku 34-700 Name Harper's Branch Turquoise 34-700
Price $175.00 Cubes 34
Dimensions (W x D x H) 14.5 x 32 Carton Dimensions (W x D x H) Not specified
Collection Harper's Branch
Category Accent Console
Cubes (Additional) 11.69


  1. Turquoise Elegance: The striking turquoise color adds a pop of vibrancy, creating a visually appealing focal point in any room.
  2. Contemporary Design: The console features a modern design, blending seamlessly with different interior styles for a cohesive look.
  3. Ample Storage: With well-designed storage solutions, it provides ample space for organizing your belongings and keeping your space tidy.
  4. Durable Construction: Crafted with quality materials, this console ensures durability, promising a long-lasting and reliable furniture piece.
  5. Versatile Size: Measuring 34-700, it's a versatile size that fits well in various spaces, allowing for flexible placement in different rooms.

The Harper's Branch Turquoise 34-700, combining elegance, functionality, and durability. Its vibrant color, contemporary design, ample storage, and versatile size make it an ideal choice to enhance your living space with a touch of modern flair.

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