Helix Dawn Elite Mattress

Upgrades: Simple
Size: Twin
Sale price$1,999.00


Discover unparalleled comfort with the Helix Dawn Elite mattress. Engineered to redefine your sleep experience, this premium mattress combines innovative features to create a haven of relaxation tailored to your needs. Immerse yourself in the perfect fusion of support and softness for nights of restorative sleep.


  • Product Name: Helix Dawn Elite Mattress
  • Size: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King.
  • Height: 16 inches
  • Feel: Firm with minimal sinkage
  • Support: Strong core for spinal alignment and pressure relief
  • Layers:
    • 2-inch Plush Pillow Top
    • Dual Microcoil Layers
    • 5 High-Density Foam Layers
    • Zoned Lumbar Support Core
    • Base with Reinforced Perimeter
  • Cover: Breathable cover
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Price: Starts at $1,999


  1. Five High-Density Foam Layers: Enjoy a medium feel with 5 high-density foam layers, expertly cradling your hips and shoulders for optimal comfort in side sleeping positions.

  2. Microcoil Comfort Layers: Two individually wrapped microcoil layers offer cushioning comfort, reducing back pressure and enhancing your sleep recovery.
  3. Superior Support System: Hundreds of individually wrapped steel coils provide sturdy support, featuring zoned lumbar support and full perimeter reinforcement for a consistently supportive feel.
  4. Advanced GlacioTex Elite Technology: Experience our cutting-edge cooling feature with phase change fabric, optimizing your sleep temperature for all-night cooling comfort.


  1. Tailored Comfort: The medium feel and high-density foam layers ensure personalized support, cradling your body for a restful sleep experience.
  2. Pressure Relief: Microcoil comfort layers alleviate back pressure, promoting a truly restorative and comfortable night's sleep.
  3. Consistent Support: The superior support system with individually wrapped coils, zoned lumbar support, and full perimeter reinforcement ensures a sturdy and supportive feel night after night.
  4. Refreshing Sleep: The advanced GlacioTex Elite Technology actively manages your sleep temperature, offering revolutionary cooling comfort for an undisturbed and revitalizing sleep.

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