Helix Sunset Mattress

Upgrades: Simple
Size: Twin
Sale price$749.00


At Helix, we believe your sleep should be extraordinary, not just good enough. Introducing the Helix Sunset, our softest memory foam model meticulously crafted to redefine your nightly rest. Perfect for side sleepers and those with restless nights, this mattress goes beyond the ordinary to provide the tailored sleep you truly deserve.


Attributes  Details
Product Name  Helix Sunset
Brand Helix
Model Sunset
Mattress Type Hybrid
Firmness Medium
Thickness 10 inches
Layers Top Comfort Layer: Memory Foam
Transition Layer  Responsive Foam
Support Layer  Wrapped Coils
Cover Material Breathable Fabric Cover
Warranty 10-Year Limited Warranty
Trial Period 100-Night Sleep Trial
Certifications CertiPUR-US  Certified Foam

Helix Sunset Benefits:

  1. Soft Feel: Sink into plush comfort.
  2. Pressure Point Relief: Targeted support for shoulders and hips.
  3. Side Sleeper Support: Ideal for those who favor side sleeping.
  4. Premium Cooling Covers: Choose between Breathe Knit or GlacioTex Cooling Pillow Top.

    Discover the Helix Sunset Difference:

    Tailored Softness for Side Sleepers:Immerse yourself in the luxurious comfort of the Helix Sunset, meticulously engineered for those who prefer side sleeping and restless nights of tossing and turning. 

    Pressure Point Relief:Crafted with precision, the Helix Sunset's layers are designed to target pressure points on your shoulders and hips, ensuring less pain and more comfort. It adapts to your unique sleeping position and body type, providing a customized sleep experience.

    Optimal Support for Side Sleepers: Perfect for side sleepers, the middle layers of the mattress are carefully crafted to cradle your body contours, offering the optimal support needed for a truly restful night's sleep.

    Premium Cooling Technology:Choose between our Breathe Knit cover for a light stretch and enhanced airflow or upgrade to the GlacioTexTM Cooling Pillow Top. This technological marvel instantly draws heat away from your body, creating a cool and comfortable sleep environment.

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