Percale Sheets

Size: Queen
Color: White
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Percale sheets are made with a basic criss-cross weave, consisting of yarns that pass one-under-one-over, resulting in a strong, smooth, and long-lasting structure. The fabric has a crisp texture and becomes increasingly soft with each wash. Its matte finish and excellent breathability make it a popular choice for finely woven bed sheets.


Properties Details 
Name Percale Sheets
Breathable & Cool Excellent airflow, ideal for hot sleepers
Durable High thread count & tight weave resist wear & tear
Lightweight Comfortable & breathable even in warm weather
Wrinkle-resistant Varying degrees, depends on thread count & finish
Classic & Simple Timeless appeal for any bedroom decor
Thread count Not the sole indicator of quality consider weave & material
Finish Affects wrinkle resistance & feel
Care Machine washable & dryer-safe 


  1. Breathable & Cool: Allows excellent airflow for a comfortable sleep.
  2. Durable: Resists wear and tear due to the high thread count and tightly woven construction.
  3. Lightweight: Provides comfort even in warm weather.
  4. Wrinkle-Resistant: Some variations resist wrinkles better than others.
  5. Classic & Simple: Offers a traditional style with timeless appeal.

Elevate your bedding experience with our percale sheets, perfect for those who prioritize both comfort and longevity. Choose quality and style for your bedroom retreat with our premium percale sheets.

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